Affordable, effective eCommerce website solutions! Whether your business needs a simple brochure type website or a custom designed eCommerce website with complete product cataloging and shopping system, we do it for you. We work with you to determine exactly what your business needs and then seamlessly implement your solution all at an affordable price. Our quarterly payment plans mean you can now easily afford to get online with a professional eCommerce website that helps you promote your business or sell your products or services.

Our eCommerce solutions range from one-product-shops with a simple Paypal payment plan, to full featured, catalog based stores with hundreds of categories, thousands of products, and full integration and payment gateways.

Mobile Phone Compatible

Our websites are mobile-friendly/responsive designs that work on mobile phones, tablets and PC’s. With as much as 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s important that your website looks good on phones and tablets, as well as on laptops and PC’s

We don’t believe you should have a separate web and mobile template, because we feel this approach is wasteful and costly. It also complicates management of the site as some duplication of content is most likely necessary. Instead, we create responsive designs that work and look well on all devices. The website senses the dimensions of the screen it is being displayed on, and dynamically adjusts to fit the screen. Typically, multicolumn displays will collapse to a single column display on a phone, and the navigation will change to a mobile friendly navigation system. It works well, and as a result your website will look amazing on whatever device is used to view it.

Search Engine Optimisation

We build our websites with organic search engine optimisation in mind, but SEO is an ongoing activity for both the website owner and the website developer. We maintain and update your site with new content or catalog data on a regular basis which boosts your Google rankings. We also manage web advertising if required.

Custom Design and On-time

As well as providing cataloging, data entry, setup, and custom features, we can also do your custom graphic design including a logo at NO CHARGE with a quarterly subscription. We manage and control the end to end process for your whole website. This is how we can ensure that we launch your website in one month or less. We stand over our work and offer free technical support on all our websites.

We take care of everything and keep you up to date on all elements of your online project, from securing your domain name, registering additional domains if required, developing the most effective design to help you sell online as well as provide regular catalogue updates.

Website Maintenance

While some companies use content management systems or can afford to employ full-time staff to update their own site, others have neither the time, money nor the inclination to do so. We maintain and update your website for you, and because we know cataloging and content management systems, we can do it quickly, and therefore inexpensively. We regularly update your site with useful, relevant information which helps visitors to return again and again and search engines to rank the site higher.

Monthly Web Analysis Report

Our comprehensive monthly Web Analysis and Google search performance report shows you all the important information you need every month including website performance and rankings, website visits, number of Google search queries and clicks. We also include in the report the number of times your listing appeared in a local search on Google Maps, number of clicks for directions and more. Click here to view a sample Web Analysis Report.